Song Writer

The Song Writer is a tool to allow you to explore scales, and the chords that go together in those scales. This allows you to easily compose and record great sounding chord progressions, then play them back later.

The first step in using the Song Writer is to select a key for your song from the Key selector at the top left of the screen. This will set up the rest of the screen to be in that key. The Primary and alternate notes of Chord buttons at the left of the screen are used to play chord sequences. Any of the chords shown on these buttons will sound good together, though the Songwriter helps you further by highlighting more common combinations in green and, and less common combinations in amber. As you press a chord button, the chord will be played, the notes of the chord shown on the fretboard, and the text on the other chord buttons will change to reflect the next logical notes.

The “Example Chord Patterns” picker at the right, bottom of the screen lists many examples of 4 bar chord combinations that sound good. Use these to get ideas of the chord sequences you may like to play using the chord buttons.

The bottom middle side of the screen contains controls to allow you to record and play back your songs.

Screenshot of main screen