The Chords tab is the main/home screen of StringMaster designed to explore chords and the fretboard. From here, you can also access settings, set up the capo, define new instruments and tuning, and set other options that apply across the other screens in the application.

By default, the Chords screen will show how to play any chord selected from the picker at the bottom of the screen. When new key and/or Chord Types are selected, the list of possible ways to play the chord is also updated. Selecting any of these options from the list will display that pattern on the main fretboard.

Re-clicking on the center of the picker will re-play the current selection. Selecting the Chord Detective option will allow you select notes and have StringMaster determine the chord being played, and when the Capo is enabled (by pinching the fretboard), Transposer option will be displayed which essentially changes the Chord picker into a shape picker, and the chord description in the centre bar of the screen will indicate what chord that translates to.

Screenshot of main screen